Settling into Townsville

We have now been here in Townsville for about a week and a half! We haven’t really done a  



 heap of sight seeing yet but we have managed to get Dave working and find a semi permanent home for the next couple of months. We have however been to the Strand a few times and sampled just some of the thousands of shopping centres Townsville has to offer

We are still staying with my favourite Auntie but are in the process of moving our belongings into my cousin John’s house. He has kindly let us take over the top of his very gothic looking house complete with gargoyles on the roof and fences, and his pool (landscaped with skulls) for as long as we need to.

Dave has started working for a local plumbing company on a construction site and the poor baby is a bit tired working in the heat and humidity after lounging around pools and beaches for the last few weeks.

I have been spending some quality time with my aunt and my cousin Joanne who have basically been making me learn very quickly how to kayak, ride a mountain bike and run twice as fast as I normally do, all while scaling the local mountain three times in one session. And that was just three days worth of effort! No wonder I needed a nap today! I’ve been training with her fitness group #outlimitsoutdooradventuregroup. It’s definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.

The girls are enjoying getting to know their Townsville family and exploring the Ross River. We found turtles in the river on our walk today. There were dozens of them that just started to swim towards the bridge when we stopped. Maybe they were waiting to be fed but somehow I’m not sure chocolate tiny teddies would have been easily digested and that’s all we had. Besides I don’t think Avalon and Marla would have shared them without a fight.We’ve also seen turkeys, ducks and lots of different birds, lots of cane toads, possums and geckos everywhere!

In the next few days we should be settled into our new place and can start to get out a bit more and explore.

Until next time

love and sloppy kisses

The GudLanges xxx



Sydney to Townsvile


 So many swimming pools and beaches…

We had a brief stop in Newcastle after leaving Sydney and while we didn’t see the beach our friend Christina’s backyard resembled a swimming pool with the rain the Hunter got! 

Crescent Head is one of the most famous surf beaches. Thankfully we got one clear day at Crescent Head so we could enjoy the sunshine and sand there before the skies opened again. We didn’t get much of an opportunity to enjoy the beach but Crescent Head was beautiful and it was amazing to spend some time with Selena. We did get to go to the Slim Dusty museum though! OMG I didn’t even know it existed but what a fabulous place to celebrate his music and life.

Next stop was Brisbane with our wonderful friends Nicola and Mike. 

No swimming here but Dave and I had one of the biggest nights ever had in a while. Hangovers and parenting are not fun. 

Brisbane to Gladstone where we stayed with Dave’s friends Wayne and Sheree and their 3 children Ayla, Oscar and Sylvia. 5 children ages 4 to 17 months. 4 adults in a 3 bedroom house. Absolute chaos but the kids had a ball! They either swam in the pool or we played at the water park while Dave did the plumbing for Wayne’s laundry. 

The girls were sad to leave their new friends and their pool without the promise of another pool to swim in.

In Mackay we have had a couple of nights on our own in a hotel with the requirement of a pool and a beach! 

Mackay is stunning. Far Beach is the beach without stingers and sharks and was at our doorstep. Was so beautiful. We will be back to do all the stuff we didn’t get to do but need to get to Townsvile and start to look for some work for a couple of months. 
Until next week. Sloppy kisses

The GudLanges xx 

  P.S Vale Bowie one of the most influential artists ever.


Sydney NY2016

Well that was Sydney! We have spent the last 5 nights in Sydney catching up with a few friends and family. 

I have a very complicated relationship with Sydney and while it was amazing to see some very special people I am happy to be on the road again.

We were based at my Mums house and it was great for the girls to spend some time with their Nanna.

The day we arrived I got to catch up with my dear friend Monika. It’s always amazing to see her. And thank you for the lesson 101 on social media! If anyone is looking for a fabulous new cafe to frequent in Camperdown then check out Monika and Helen’s new venture called Boss Lady.

New Years Eve I got a leave pass and Dave stayed home with the girls while I got to spend time with one of my favourite people in the world and a small group of other very awesome chicks. Thank you Penny and your beautiful mum Deborah for welcoming me into your house for the night.

New Years Day we had lunch with my little sister and her family. The girls loved seeing their Sydney cousins Rubin and Harper.

Our last day we had a great day. We caught the Rivercat to Darling Harbour and went to the Sydney Aquarium. I may have had more fun than anyone and was totally awestruck by the Dugong and the Sharks. 

Now we are on the road again and heading to Crescent Head via Newcastle.

I can’t wait to see Selena in Crescent Head, one of my other favourite people in the world.

Until next time

Sloppy kisses