Golden Plains, Easter camping and leaving Emerald…

  The last month has been pretty massive! I got to have my first child free weekend since both kids were born. I met my BFF Selena in Melbourne and we went to Golden Plains Music Festival. Three days of amazing music, random people and lots and lots of belly laughs. It’s not every day you share Dad jokes with a man in a pith helmet and a giraffe or dance in the mosh to The Buzzcocks.

After the excitement it was back to Emerald where Dave had been holding fort with the girls. It was great to have a break but I missed them so much.

The next weekend could not have been more different. On Friday night we went to the local Emerald State School Fair which the girls enjoyed. On Saturday night we went just out of town to the Comet Rodeo.

I had struggled with the decision of whether we should go or not. I have an ethical issue with sports such as rodeos, horse racing and particularly jumps racing. In the end we decided to go mainly because there is no point doing a trip like this if we don’t throw ourselves into the experience. In the end we only saw some bull riding and horse riding but didn’t see any of the roping which is what I imagine I would have the biggest issue with. I enjoyed the atmosphere and any opportunity to wear cowboy boots is a good one.

The next weekend was Easter and we took the chance to head to Carnavorn Gorge for a few nights in the tent. Carnarvon Gorge is about 250km from Emerald and is just spectacular. We arrived in Good Friday and set up. It was a bit late to do any walking at this point so we went to ‘happy hour’ at the camping park. This was essentially a tractor set up where you could purchase drinks. We had a drink and chatted to some other campers then took the girls to bed for their first time sleeping in the tent. Next day the plan was to do as much of the Gorge Track as possible. 

Next day started well, I got up and saw the local platypus in the creek. What an incredible experience to see them in the wild. After that I  did an 11km run in some of the other side tracks before yummy bbq pancakes for breakfast. Then the rains came… And continued to come down.

In order to keep dry we ended up driving along the road back and forth, then lunch in the cafe down the track where we ran into our Emerald neighbours Ian and Wendy. Eventually we went back to camp and tried to occupy the girls under the cover of the camp kitchen. The rain stopped just in time to have dinner and go to bed. 

Next day no rain but of course we were due to leave. We packed up and then went for a walk. 9km on a bush track with a pram which we carried over creek crossings and up and down stone staircases. But hey the girls got to rest when they got tired. I’m sure all the 79 people who made the same joke about hoping it was 4wd thought they were highly original and hilarious.

The Moss Garden and the main track were incredible though. I would have loved to make it further but we just didn’t have enough time. Maybe we will make it back there one day. It’s definitely a must see place if in the area.

Now it’s time to leave Emerald and we are packed up and on the road again. Tonight we are in Gladstone and tomorrow we are making a short 2 week trip back to Adelaide so Dave can finish up some work and we can catch up with some family and friends before we come back to Qld and start to travel back up the coast a bit slower.

Until next time hugs and sloppy kisses …


Life in the Emerald City – following that yellow brick road…

Wow has it been so long since my last post! Since then we have moved into a caravan and moved into Emerald in Central Queensland.

Dave is working on a job here for 4-5 weeks and we have been here 2 weeks already. We are living in a caravan park with a great bunch of people who are all here doing seasonal work in either cotton or fruit harvesting.

Dave is doing some long days and the girls and I are passing the time by attending local playgrounds, playgroups, library sessions and doing lots and lots of walking!

There is not an awful lot more to do here but what I’ve realised is that the feeling you get as you get older when the world seems to get faster and faster.. well maybe its not really getting faster its just that we are all so busy that there is no time to do things with the people that matter to us.

Here in Emerald, we’ve been here 2 weeks… time is moving much, much slower and it feels like when you were a kid and the 6 week Christmas holidays went forever! This could be interpreted a number of ways I guess.

In two weeks though we have pretty much seen many of the sights locally. We had a recent day trip up to the Gem Fields of Sapphire and Rubyvale where we visited a local mine and washed some stones to find the gemstones. The girls have since had a great time sitting with a torch under the bag of stones to see the colours of the stones in the bag.

We will definately go back and do some more exploring up there. We have visited the Fairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon which is apparently 3 times the size of Sydney Harbour!

Otherwise we have just been exploring the local area and trying not to spend too much money!

This weekend I am spending the weekend away from my babies for the first time since they were born. I am heading to Melbourne for the Golden Plains Music Festival with the incredible Selena.

I am so excited but so torn about leaving but its probably going to do us all good since I’ve had little respite since embarking on this amazing experience.

Until the next update… hugs and sloppy kisses

The GudLanges