Detour back to Adelaide, an Urban country music experience and onto the Sunshine Coast…

Wow its been such a long time between posts..

Since the last post we spent three weeks back home in Adelaide so Dave could finish some work there and we could catch up with family and friends.

The girls loved their first experience flying and with a bit of help of Peppa Pig and the Wiggles there were minimal tantrums.

It was certainly fantastic to see so many familiar faces and to reconnect. I think it was especially important for Avalon and Marla who are coping amazingly with the new transience  of life, but Avalon especially does miss home, the stability and the routine.

One thing that being home showed me was that as much as I love all my friends and family in Adelaide, I’m not ready for the adventure to be over yet and I was itching to get back to our teeny tiny home on wheels.

Once we did the mad dash back to Gladstone to pick up the van we drove back down the Queensland coast to Caboolture, just outside of Brisbane to spend three days at the Urban Country Music Festival. What a hoot! Despite the rain and appalling weather we had so much fun. Avalon and Marla even got to meet Amber Lawrence.



But the show must end at some point and as the sun came out the festival finished and we very aptly packed up and moved up the coast to the Sunshine Coast.

We set up camp at Mooloolaba caravan park which is right on the beach. This area is spectacular and within the first few days I could visualise us living here, but not yet. I have been loving getting right back into training after losing my mojo a bit while back in Adelaide and unable to have access to my training regime and gear, especially the pram to take the girls on our epic walks.

We set up at Mooloolaba on a Monday and all was pretty perfect until the Thursday when both Marla and I were jolted awake by the unexpected sounds of ‘doof doof doof doof’. Its just a loud car going past I thought.. for the next four hours! And seriously how do all those cars have so many doors to slam shut!

So it turns out that Thursday night is uni night at the Wharf Hotel in Mooloolaba and we went from sleeping to the sounds of the ocean to ‘uni night’. Friday night wasn’t so bad but Saturday night was also pretty unbearable.

I struggled with the fact I wasn’t coping with this, as it would have only been a couple of years ago I would have jumped out of  bed and run across the road to join in.

Anyway we decided to put up with another week of it only because we had things planned for the weekend and didn’t want to have to spend the whole weekend moving camp.

That weekend was mother’s day and I was spoilt with time to go for a long run, before breakfast at the surf club and then we went to Underwater World. Great seal show here, and I do love an aquarium.

After braving another week at Mooloolaba last weekend we packed everything up for the massive three kilometre move up the road to Cotton Tree caravan park at Maroochydore. It’s perfect here so far. We are on the beach on one side and the river on the other.

Dave has also picked up a job really easily as well so it looks like this is home until mid July ish. This has also meant that I can enter the coveted half marathon that I’ve been training for knowing where we are for a bit and I was torn between biting the bullet and doing one straight away or waiting until early July, so I’m doing both!

I’m registered for the Noosa half marathon on May 29 and will also be doing the Gold Coast half marathon in early July! yikes. I may have even also just agreed to do a full marathon in May next year..

Until next time love and sloppy kisses

The Gudlanges xx