From Horseshoe Bay to Horseshoe Bay and back again…

In beautiful Bowen in the Whitsundays is Horseshoe Bay, one of the most popular spots to swim, snorkel and lap up the warm winter sunshine. 

We stopped in Bowen for a few days mainly because some friends we met while we where working in Emerald earlier in the year are in Bowen working. 

Ian and Wendy are from the Riverland in South Australia and quickly became good friends, adopting our girls as their grandchildren away from home. It was great to cross paths with them again and trade travel stories and gossip about the few months since we had seen them.

Our time in Bowen was great, there is a cute market on Sundays and we spent time exploring a few of the beaches. 

The Bowen Jetty on the main beach is a great spot to watch sea turtles from up close, and Ian and Wendy even spotted a Dugong off the jetty a couple of weeks ago, but no such luck for us.

I managed a pretty good run around the beaches and up to the lookouts. What an amazing view, especially from the World War II bomb lookout, which was a great little track with some rock scrambling.

The most amazing view though is from the Flagstaff Hill Lookout. An incredible 360 degree view across the Whitsundays and across Bowen farms. I’m told it’s a great spot for whale watching, but despite searching we weren’t lucky enough to see any.

From Bowen we travelled a bit further north to Townsville and unhooked the caravan at my aunts house before heading to the ferry to travel to Magnetic Island.

We camped in the tent at the Bungalow Bay Koala Resort at Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay on the Island was just amazing. The water was warm and clear and hardly one was on the beach.

With only limited time on the island though we wanted to make sure we saw as much as possible.

What an amazingly diverse place for what is really quite a small island. The sheltered Horseshoe Bay felt so different from the wind blown ruggedness of Westpoint. 

I highly recommend a trip over to Magnetic Island with any stop in Townsville.

After not long enough here we headed back to the ferry and back to Townsville for a week to catch up with my aunt and cousin and have a few days of down time to clean out the car and do a bit of a clean up of the caravan, while figuring out what our next step would be.

We are at a bit of a loose end for a few weeks. We don’t want to head too far north just yet because we have been offered an amazing opportunity to look after the Platypus Bush Camp for a few weeks while Wazza has a well earned break. 

He is not quite ready yet so we’ve decided to head back towards Bowen and try and pick up some fruit picking work if we can.

So here we come back to Horseshoe Bay!

The GudLanges xx