Dream a little dream

This week my 5 year old daughter asked what my dream was. Sadly, I actually couldn't answer her. 

She could easily reel off dreams including wanting to meet a princess; live in a castle or have magic powers. (I'm sensing a theme here). 

It's got me thinking though. I used to have lots of dreams. I dreamed about achieving in my career; I dreamed about finding love; I dreamed about finding my place in the world; and exploring and experiencing new places and adventures. 

So what is different? I guess I've realised many of these dreams or my focus has changed. My focus on career is now very different. I am loving writing again and my role within bubbed has given me a new focus. I found my soul mate and have since been blessed with two beautiful girls; I still haven't really found my place in the world but we did get the Australian mortgage dream. The biggest dream I've realised is packing up my family and beginning to travel Australia. This is now a long term plan where we regularly change our mind and refocus depending on financial stability, travel plans and finding work.

My big personal dreams have been around achieving things with running and music. I used to dream about being in a band, playing music and recording. I achieved this with The P90s and while I would desperately love to still be playing music it's not on my short term plan. (Although I am planning on starting to teach myself harmonica since it doesn't take up a lot of space). As for my running dreams, I've done 3 half marathons and an ultra marathon and my next goal is a road marathon. 

I guess there for me is the difference. I still have lots of goals. I have running goals; travel goals; work goals and goals for my family but I see these as things that I am actively working towards. 

A dream is something I see that is almost unattainable. Something I would have to change many things to realise. 

As a mum I've felt myself slip away, my identity is now entwined with my kids and partner. 

I am a big advocate for mums making sure they have time for themselves and to make sure they have their own identity, and I guess dreams. So I guess it's time to take my own advice and figure out who I am again and figure out what my dreams are for the future? 

Time to dream big. I'll be sure to report back when I figure it out.