colour run family

We are the GudLanges, or more to the point David, Avalon and Marla Lange and me, Kelly Gudgeon. As a little family we have made the bold (or mad) decision to take our two girls, now aged 5 and 3, on a trip around Australia in a tiny pop up caravan.
We started this journey just after Christmas 2015 and have no real time frames or travel plans, at the moment we are about to head across the Nullarbor to where we will spend a couple of months in Kalgoorlie as a first work stop.
This blog is to share with anyone interested in the amazing, the madness, and the trials that such a trip presents. I also write about my experiences training for various events. I recently completed my first ultra marathon and am now just trying to get back on track before I start training for my first road marathon.
So if you are interested, jump in and buckle up.


  1. Christina Mundy Robberds · December 9, 2015

    Sounds like an amazing experience will be had by all! You are most welcome to stop in and visit me and Kailin and all the animals (dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs, cats and 1 fish) in Newcastle if you like!


  2. thegudlanges · December 9, 2015

    Oh yay I figured out how to make the comments appear!! We will definitely be seeing you and your brood xx


  3. Bek · December 9, 2015

    Great idea kel! Look forward to being a part of this amazing journey! You rock!!!


    • thegudlanges · December 9, 2015

      Thanks Bek it’s crazy but you know it’s only the crazy that’s worth doing xx


  4. Graeme Duncan · December 9, 2015

    Nice one Kelly. It will be great to follow your travels.


    • thegudlanges · December 9, 2015

      Thanks Graeme will be a good way to keep in touch with a lot of people. Thanks for coming on Sunday it was so cool to see you xx


  5. Joanne Fairbrother · December 9, 2015

    Interesting times ahead. See you soon.


  6. Kath Slade · December 10, 2015

    I’m so happy you ended up creating this blog! I can’t wait to hear all about your travels and get updates on my two adorable nieces. Love you guys and gudluck!! xx


    • thegudlanges · December 10, 2015

      Thanks Kath looking forward to seeing you all at Christmas before we leave xx


  7. monika · December 14, 2015



  8. Melissa · December 28, 2015

    New Year’s in Sydney????? If you are all in need of a shower or some New Years LOVE, i’m in Potts Point!! There is a parking station next door!! and i can make room for some travelling friends!!!


    • thegudlanges · December 28, 2015

      Ha thanks Melissa it will be pretty low key I think but will let you know xx


      • Melissa · December 29, 2015

        Ok, Just in case you are in the area!!!! XXX


  9. colleenobyrne · December 28, 2015

    Great adventure looking forward to sharing this with you x

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Angie Griffin · December 29, 2015

    Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you via this blog. Travel safe!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Sel · January 17, 2016

    Go Smelly!!! I’ll be watching xxxx (if not joining at times)!


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